RCCG Dominion Hope of Glory

RCCG Dominion Hope of Glory is a multicultural, English-speaking church where emphasis is laid on becoming a kingdom citizen rather than a denomination member. We are Kingdom community of loving and glorious family of our Lord Jesus Christ whose core vision and purpose is to prepare men and make them disciples ready to meet their God and to carry forward and establish the purpose of the kingdom of God here on earth.

Our heartbeat in this ungodly generation is to be and raise uncompromising godly seeds that their fruits will be tested on every facets of life to win this generation for Christ. At a local level, we seek to raise godly, loving, joyful congregation and leadership that are unconditionally committed to the course of our Lord Jesus Christ to serve HIM and people of the Kingdom with joy.

Friend, you are welcome to see and taste the encompassing love of God through spiritual and quality worship, life changing and practical messages, anointing that breaks yokes, fellowship with friendly and caring people. At Dominion Hope of Glory, you are destined to dominate, hope for every hopeless situation and experience the glory of our Glorious God.

Our Mission

To establish a kingdom oriented community of believers that will unconditionally carry forward and seek to establish the kingdom of God in their life, family, environment, career, profession and wherever they found themselves.

Our Vision


To prepare men and make them ready to meet their God.


To raise disciples, equipped and empowered to carry forward and establish the purpose of the kingdom of God here on earth.


To raise kingdom of believers that their domain is not confined just to the four walls of church buildings.


To raise godly seeds that their fruits will be tasted in every facets of life.

Our Strategies


Creating godly atmosphere conducive to praise and worship God in fullness.


By emphasizing the core values of the kingdom messages - Righteousness, Peace and Joy in the Holy Ghost (Romans 14:17)


By upholding and not neglecting other kingdom doctrines and principles – Prayers, Faith, Service etc.


By seeking the sinners, poor, oppressed, depressed and possessed to come in and find deliverance, joy, hope, help and glory, forgiveness and rest for their souls.


By organizing programs that will emancipate, enlighten and empowered all to fulfill their God destined purpose.


By respecting everyone opinion and allowing every member to use their talent and wisdom to further the course of Christ as enabled by the Spirit of God.


To utilize and maximize all willing and available spiritual, human and material resources for the sole purpose of the kingdom.


By impacting and empowering men through infallible word of the Kingdom and who will in turn go and impact and exercise the authority of the kingdom in their respective jurisdiction.

Services and Meetings

Weekly Services

  • Sunday Services: 9:30 am-12noon
  • Wednesday Service: 7pm - 8:30pm

Monthly Services

  • Family Fresh Wine Service     ( 3rd Sunday): 9:30 am -12 noon

Quarterly Programme

Night of Glory

  • Last Fridays in March, June, September and December by 7pm prompt

Yearly Programme

  • Disciples Retreat
  • Kingdom Ministers Conference
  • Kingdom Youth Conference
  • Kingdom Teens Conference
  • Women of Faith Conference
  • Kingdom Men Conference
  • Kingdom Live Conference